I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping my wife with her shoulder pain.

Before seeing you, her pain had reached the point of being quite debilitating; it made it much harder to care for our young son and kept her from doing things she enjoys, like painting.

Thanks to your care and expertise, she is feeling much better without the aid of drugs or invasive medical techniques.

We also appreciate the way you showed her specific exercises and stretches so that she can proactively manage her health.

Thanks again, and we will definitely be recommending you to others!

Ben S.


Chiropractic and Massage Services

Are you tired of suffering from...

  • Headaches? Asthma? Arthritis? Pain from an injury?

Do you wish to take proactive steps to continue to feeling good or prevent arthritis?

These are all things we can typically help with by facilitating your body's ability to heal itself naturally without invasive surgery and/or drugs.

Offering two chiropractic doctors who adjust differently gives you a wider variety of styles and perspectives so you can get the best possible treatment for your needs.
We customize the therapy to meet individual needs.
We also offer massage therapy at the same office.

  • Chiropractic care
  • Medical massage therapy
  • McKenzie therapy (a type of physical therapy and muscle stretching)

Chiropractic techniques offered include:

  • Diversified
    The diversified technique is one of the most common ways that chiropractors make adjustments. Using their hands, the doctor will check the spine for problem areas and manually adjust places where there is misalignment or subluxation. The end result will be restoration of proper movement and position to the spine.
  • Activator
    The activator technique utilizes a small hand held instrument for making adjustments to free the spine of subluxation. When the doctor locates an area of subluxation, they use the activator to apply a consistent low force thrust that is comfortable and effective.
  • Gonstead
    Similar to the Diversified technique, the doctor will use their hands to adjust the bones of the spine. However, the Gonstead technique takes a different approach in terms of application and diagnosis of problem areas.
  • Thompson
    The Thompson drop technique is done using a modified adjusting table that is specially designed for helping to target specific areas of the body. Sections of the table will drop away with a controlled thrust from the doctor, helping to effectively and comfortably correct vertebral subluxation.
  • Lumbar Flexion Distraction
    Lumbar flexion distraction is an addition to adjustment, and utilizes a special table to gently stretch (distract) the spine. This allows the doctor to painlessly address an area of disc involvement and help restore it to the correct position.